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Acorn offers a wide variety of woods, stains, and door styles that can be customized to fit your aesthetic. We can also make modifications to the existing designs and can build customized doors as well. Please contact our sales representatives for a free consultation.

Please Note:
These samples are representative of the color and grain of our cabinetry finishes. However, no two trees grow alike, and some variations in grain and color are to be expected in your cabinets. Color and grain differences are caused by variations in the mineral content of the soil, changes in the climate, or amount of moisture and injuries to the tree as it grows. Different wood species also display specific characteristics with age or mineral streaks. While these marks and variations provide the character and beauty of each species, they could occur sporadically throughout your cabinetry. These samples are intended to give a general idea of what we typically make. Please consider visiting our showroom to examine various combinations of woods and stains we offer.