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Not only do you have a wide variety of woods to choose from, but Acorn Custom cabinets provides a selection of doors that are custom-made to fit your needs.  If one of our existing doors (more than 80 in all), is not what you are looking for; we can modify the design or build customized doors to fit the vision of your finished project.  Contact our sales representatives for a free consultation to discuss your upcoming project.
Please Note:
These samples are representative of the color and grain of our cabinetry finishes, but it is best to remember that because no two trees grow alike, that variations in grain and color can be expected in your cabinets. Color and grain differences in wood are caused by variations in the mineral content of the soil, changes in the climate, or amount of moisture and injuries to the tree as it grows. Every wood specie will also display certain specific characteristics in with age or mineral streaks. While these marks and variations provide the character and beauty of each species, they could occur sporadically throughout your cabinetry. These samples are intended to give a general idea of the appearance, please stop by our showroom to examine samples of these woods with various finishes before making the final selection for your upcoming project.  If you have any further questions, call us and speak with one of our sales representatives.