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Cabinet Care

Dusting and Regular Care

Furniture should be dusted periodically. Always dust with a polish-moistened cloth because dry dusting may scratch the surface. When dusting or wiping, always follow the grain of the wood to avoid scratching. In some cases, film residue may form on the finish. Clean this with a moistened soft cloth (e.g. soft cotton or flannel); cleaner/polish that contains carnauba wax is ideal.

It should be noted that new furniture or kitchen cabinets require a 30-day curing period before the finish achieves its maximum performance properties. During this period, it is essential to protect the surface when using desk pads, heavy items, or damp materials on the finish. Dragging heavy objects across the surface can damage the finish.

Common Cleaning Agents and Solutions

The most commonly used cleaning agents are formulated to contain degreasing agents as well as cleaning additives that bring beauty to the wood. Products such as Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner & Polish, Johnson’s Pledge Household Cleaner, pure lemon oil, or similar products can be used frequently. Washing the wood with soap and water is not recommended. It will leave the finish lusterless and harm the finish if left on the surface.

DISCLAIMER:  The information, rating, and opinions stated here pertain to the material currently offered and represent the results of tests believed to be reliable. However, due to variation in customer handling and methods of application which are not known or under our control, Acorn Custom Cabinets cannot make any warranties or guarantees as to the end results.